It's an integrated play area in which all children, those who are able and those with disabilities, can play interactively. The objective is to design an area that is barrier-free, socially inviting, and contains play environment groupings.

Build Jake's Place builds "playgrounds for everybody". Playgrounds where children in wheelchairs and other assistive devices can play along side others with ease. Even parents and grandparents with a disability can play and interact with the children.

Over the past several years, Jake's Place has been nationally ranked as "one of the best playgrounds" not only in the Greater Philadelphia area but across the country.

Jake’s Place is the #1 tourist attraction in Camden County, New Jersey.
— Camden County Board of Freeholders
Ranked 10Best: Playgrounds (in the Country)
Jake’s Place ranked Best Playgrounds for Stimulating Play in South Jersey.
— The Examiner
One of the 10 Best Playgrounds in Greater Philadelphia
— Philadelphia Family Magazine
Jake’s Place ranked as one of the 25 Great Playgrounds in SJ & Philly
— Courier Post
Ranked #15 out of 50 Best Playgrounds in America.
— Early Childhood Education
Ranked #3 for 30 Most Impressive Accessible & Inclusive Playgrounds from Around the World.
— Special Education Degrees