An update pertaining to Jake's Place in Delran

The Board Members of Build Jake's Place want to thank everyone for their kind and generous support.

Together with the residents of Delran and Burlington County we are all aiming towards the same goal - the construction of the new Jake's Place in Delran. Jake’s Place will be a wonderful addition to the Township and County serving all local families, including the approximately 10% of adults and children impacted by disabilities.

It is the intention that representatives of Build Jake’s Place will meet with Delran Town Council in order to discuss and agree upon the overall funding as well as equitable credit to all donors - both monetary and like-kind donations of time and efforts. As with the success of Jake's Place in Cherry Hill we encourage school, community, individual and corporate efforts with respect to community buy-in. We are proud that Jake's Place success has always been organic and home grown in nature, with most individual contributions being less than $25. Every dollar raised is equally important to obtaining our goal.

To date, contacts established through the Delran School system have been made by members of Jake's Place. We have spoken at every school and continue to maintain close contact. Many of the wonderful funding efforts that have come about, and are about to occur, are due to our combined efforts. This is the same successful local grass roots funding efforts that proved successful in constructing Jake's Place in Cherry Hill.

We are pleased and proud of these community efforts. These efforts help educate the community, starting with our children, of the need to erect boundary free playgrounds - so every child, every family, can have a place to play together.

We greatly appreciate the support of the community and the Town Council and look forward to the successful completion of Jake’s Place – Delran.